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Embrace the power of the Angels of the Day with our fine medallion and jewelry series. All medallions are 0.9999 gold, 0.999 silver, golden bronze,or 24k gold plate on 0.999 silver. These proof-like precision minted medallions are mounted in 14k gold or sterling silver bezels. We have an exquisite selection of fine jewelry styles for you to select from.

Celebrate your birth date with the Angels of the Day medallions precision minted and exquisitely crafted into fine jewelry. May your Angel of the Day guide you to your angelic path.

Your Angelic Key to the Angelic Message of the Spirits, Stars and Powers that Embrace Our Daily Lives.


1 oz .999 Silver V&T Railway Reno Train Ingot

1 oz .999 Silver V&T Railway Reno Train Ingot

The Reno No. 11 was built in 1872, by Baldwin Locomotive Works, and was the first locomotive purchas..